Prime Planting and Launching the Start Up Rice Seed Industry of IPB 3S


Padi IPB 3s

Minister of Research Technology and Higher Education of RI, Prof.Dr. Mohamad Nasir, conducted the prime planting of the rice seed of the variety of IPB 3S in Tegalrasa Village, Tanjungsari Sub-district, Bogor District, Monday (25/4). This activity was initiated by Department of Agronomy and Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), supported by Directorate General of Strengthening Innovation of the Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education of RI, PT. BLST of IPB, and the breeders/seed producers of ASBENINDO. The planting was once again launching the program of “Start Up Industri Benih Padi 3S untuk Pengembangan Sistem Produksi Padi dalam Mendukung Swasembada Pangan Nasional / Start Up Rice Seed Industry 3S for Rice Production System Development to Support the National Food Self-Sufficiency”.

Rector of IPB, Prof.Dr. Herry Suhardiyanto, said, the start up program of the seed industry was developed as one solution on the constraints of the availability of the seed sources in the seed production system in Indonesia that directly affected toward the availability of the qualified seed for farmers.

Regent of Bogor, Hj. Nurhayanti, conveyed thanks to the academic community of IPB which had successfully developed the innovation of the rice seed of 3S. “The rice innovation of IPB 3S produced by IPB gives a new hope for the Government of Bogor District and is one of indicators to make seed certified in Bogor District, so as to meet the needs of the farmers with better yields,” she said.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Research Technology and Higher Education of RI affirmed the important of technology transfer at the moment was to educate the community. According to him, not easy to apply the technology to the community, it was necessary to have the assistance, the counseling as directed and integrated. “With 3S rice produced by IPB, it is expected that all farmers can receive and yield the potential of 3S rice, so as to improve the welfare of the farming community,” he said.

A rice seed breeder of IPB 3S, Dr. Hajrial Aswidinnoor, explained, the rice seed of 3S or this white seed was produced under the intensive supervision of IPB to preserve the purity of variety and certified by Seed Control and Certification Agency, Ministry of Agriculture.

Also attending in this activity were, Director General of Strengthening Innovation, Dr. Jumain Appe, M.Si; Director of Innovation System, Dr. Ophanirtus Sumule; Director of Industrial Innovation, Ir. Santoso YudoWarsono, MT; Head of Agricultural Office Bogor District, Ir. Siti Nurianty, MM; Vice Rector for Academic and Student Affairs of IPB, Prof.Dr. Yonny Koesmaryono; Chairman of Board of Trustees of IPB, Prof.Dr. M. A. Chozin; Head of Incubie LPPM of IPB, Prof.Dr.  Memen Surahman; Head of Tegalrasa Village, Sub-district Head of Tanjungsari, Farmer Group of Tanjungsari Sub-district, and the students of Postgraduate of IPB. (Awl)



Published Date : 02-May-2016